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Daily there are excursions by boats that start from the old port of Skiathos with various destinations:

  • Tsougria island: the wonderful small island opposite the port of Skiathos with pin trees and blue, clear water. The distance is 3 miles.
  • Lalaria & Kastro: Lalaria beach with the rock formation in its left corner is the main characteristic of this beach. Kastro, the medieval, fortified village with the preserved churches and many ruins.

  • The round of the island: if we go around the island we will see all the beaches with the blue water. The nice view never stop and you can feel pleasure and admiration. 

    Skopelos & Alonnisos & Sea Park: visit  the other two wonderful islands of Sporades and  the sea park which have an unique identity with their natural, morphological and geographic characteristics.

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