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Epiphanios Dimitriadis

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dimitriadis_3Epifanios-Stefanos Dimitriadis was born in Skiathos in 1760 and belonged to a noble family of the island. He learned the first things in Skiathos and later attended schools in Pelio, Ambelakia, Constantinople and in places bordering on the Danube. He started working in Bucharest for the leader Nikolaos Mavrogenis together with Rigas Fereos (a very famous author and fighter for the liberation of Greece ). As a result, the two men became close friends and partners. His acquaintance with such a passionate personality as that of Rigas obviously influenced deeply the inquiring mind of Epifanios Dimitriadis.

In 1787 he returned to Greece, first in Skiathos and then in Hydra and Poros. He also travelled in Agio Oros (the mount of Athos), Constantinople, Moldavia and Bucharest. In 1802 he was appointed voivod in Skiathos and in 1803-1805 he was appointed voivod in Alonisos. His contribution to the pre-revolutionary movements of Vlahavas, Stathas and Nikotsaras was very important. In 1807 he attended the assembly which was held in the monastery of Evagelistria where he met Theodoros Kolokotronis. After 1811 he travelled throughout Greece and taught in many places. In the beginning of the revolution he was in Kea but he immediately returned to Skiathos in order to encourage his fellow - country men to participate in the fight. In September 1821 he fought in the fall of Tripolis in Peloponissos while he continuously offered, until his last moment, in the fight of Greece for freedom both his military and his teaching skills. He died in 1827 in Skiathos.

He was a prolific writer and cultivated all forms of both prose and poetry. Among his many works, he himself published only two. He wrote with ease both in ancient and modern Greek but he also knew French and Italian. He knew very well history and was well-grounded in philosophy and literature. His teaching lectures which were encouraged by his knowledge of Greek and his fervent patriotism was a real guideline for the enslaved Greek people. Epifanios -Stefanos Dimitriadis is a very important representative of the Hellenic Enlightenment and is one of the nation's teachers.

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